5 Things I Learned From Being in A House Fire

5 Things I Learned From Being in A House Fire

1- Have all your photos digitized and have them stored on some kind of cloud storage.

2-Scan All important documents and have them in a special folder. Also you can take photos of documents and email them to yourself and hold them in the emails. You would make a special “flag” or “color” to signify where they are. Dont title emails what they are exactly, maybe use a code word

     Passports, ids., birth and marriage certs, house/insurance stuff (your agent probably has copies) 

3-Keep all doorways clear. That is behind the door, next to the door and in front of the door.

esp. Front and back and side doors that lead outside. Bedroom and bathroom doorways.

4-Have cat and dog carriers handy

5- Your life is worth more than the items in your house. In the end its just stuff.


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