The Super Organizer LLC

James is certified in 5 areas of Organizing and Coaching. He also has an Organizing Book, Music, and long running Podcast! James also loves his garden in Inglewood, CA

James is a Certified Professional Organizer. Started in 2009, The Super Organizer is Non Judgmental, Efficient, Caring and Fun!


James is a Keynote speaker and can speak to any size of a group. He can speak on many subjects surrounding organizing. He speaks in a that is easy to understand and his enthusiastic personality makes one feel like they can get organized. Some of his specialities includes: Using Media to further your Organizing Business: Self Care and Organizing; Garden Organizing.


James has a list of courses, he developed form is 13 years of experience. He can teach you HIS way to get Super Organizer. Several courses on ways to get organzied at home or the office. One of the FUN courses, Brunchinizing, is where James will come to your house, you invite a circle of friends and over mimosas and snacks he will teach you how to get organized however you need (Paper, Jewerly, junk drawers).

In Person Organizing

James is still doing some IN person organizing. He can work with you or work for you, your choice. We have a free consultation and you tell him what you need and (within reason) he will make it happen! Plus his services come with his upbeat personality and can do spirit! (Can hire helpers for very large jobs)

For rates and available times contact James at

James has such a great vibe. If I could design the perfect organizer for me it would be him! ”

Vincent Corry

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